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15 sqm
6.07m x 2.38m
Dawn Description
The Dawn is our entry point to the Habitat Series and is delivered ready to go.

The Dawn can be set up with a caravan plug or hard-wired depending on your requirements.

Built from a single 20ft high cube container the Dawn has a single stage delivery and can be added to in the future.

The Container Series

The Container Series is a series of homes designed to be the highest house on the side of the mountain, the last house at the far end of the country road, the furthest house into the forest, the closest house to the sea and most importantly the warmest house in the storm.
This series of homes can be placed anywhere with road access.

Our container homes not only look amazing, they also encompass the amazing strength and performance Shape is known for delivering. Our container homes are also ideal for earthquake zones, damaged land and sea spray zones.

The structure is built from new modified shipping containers, and then coated in our high performing paint system which leaves the structure untouched in the most corrosive of zones.

The Habitat is built to near completion, then divided into 6m x 2.4m modules and transported on the back of flat deck trucks to the final location and lifted into place.

A snapshot of what the Habitat Series includes:

  • Design, engineering, and consent
  • Build and travel insurance
  • Transport, logistics, house-to-site
  • New build, high cube shipping
  • Tropic and high corrosion rated painted
    system, boasting a 25-year repaint
  • Low pitch insulated roof system
  • High-performance spray foam insulation
  • Double glazing throughout
  • Choice of internal linings (painted
    plasterboard, MDF, ply)
  • Friction-based foundation (where
  • Flooring allowance
  • Heat pump and mechanical ventilation
  • Choice of hot water heating
  • Designer kitchen allowance
  • Fisher & Paykel hob, dish drawer, and
    wall oven
  • LED lighting and PDL iconic switches
    and power outlets
  • Shower, toilet, and vanity

We can also provide the Habitat completely furnished, right down to the tea towels