Our Process

1. Initial Enquiry

Tell us about your project, your land, and your vision, let us know why you are interested in working with Shape

2. TPS/Feasibility $1200 + GST

A 'Total Project Study (TPS) report' is created, this allows us to get a full overview of the proposed project and any possible hurdles we could encounter along the way, giving us a head start at getting around them without holding up the project’s timeline. The TPS involves us looking into factors such as:  

Council requirements and regulations - Possible building restrictions in subdivisions. Natural disaster risk assessments, including earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, volcanos, and avalanches.

Design – A draft floorplan is created, with a 3D render as well as an initial site plan.

Transportation – What is best suited for your site in terms of delivery? Trucking, ferries, tractors, or helicopters, we will look into the best option

Pricing - An estimated price is given for the project including full construction, transportation, council inspections and consent, foundations, and landing of the building.

3. Design Stage 1 & 2

A two-stage design process allows you more flexibility around design while giving you more opportunities to make decisions you are completely happy with.

Design stage 1 -  determines building location on land, build size, floor plan, and the level of spec for interior layout and exterior cladding choices.

Design stage 2 - begins once an updated quote has been confirmed and includes working drawings through to consent.

4. Consent

Our homes come fully consented. This involves putting the project through the Christchurch City Council’s building requirements, setting up appropriate inspections along the way, and having sign-off before leaving Shapes base. We then work with the Local Council to cover the home’s final destination. The Local Council will complete the final inspection, signing off all of the finishing touches that can’t be inspected until construction is complete.

5. Construction Begins

Once the building consent is approved your build schedule and full programme are loaded onto BuilderTrend. Building will begin at our Christchurch base with regular updates & photos shared with you throughout the building process.

6. Programme Management

As the build progresses your project manager will work with you and our sub-contractors to keep your build running smoothly. Your project manager will keep you on track with decisions you need to make and when, like picking your hardware, flooring etc

7. Onsite Works

Prior to delivery the Shape team will head to your site and get it ready for delivery. This includes but is not limited to groundworks, foundations, accessways, plumbing, drainage, electricity etc

8. Delivery

Projects are prepared for transport at our base, by separating the build into modules. Individual modules are loaded onto truck and trailer units and secured, then sent to site. We have an experienced team meets the modules onsite. The units are lifted onto the foundations by crane, crane truck, or helicopter. Modules are landed one at a time where connections to foundations are completed. The individual units are then bolted together as they land. Once this is complete, we work to waterproof them as quickly as possible and get the roofing system finished, and essential flashings on.

9. Finishing Touches

Service connections are completed. During this time our Plumbers and Electricians work to complete connections between the units and then finish their final fit-offs.

10. Sign Off

The exciting part! Move in time……

Sign-off and handover is performed once the local council has issued the Code of Compliance certificate.