Why Shape?


Shape modules can be delivered anywhere in the country including the most remote locations where trades can often be hard to come by. We prefabricate the modules onsite in our yard before transporting to your piece of land.


Shape modules are designed specifically to our client’s needs and wants. We also ensure we maximise the site to it’s full potential by considering all environmental aspects of the land.


At Shape, we blend innovation with sustainability in our designs. Our expert team tailors each project to your vision, ensuring aesthetic appeal, functionality, and environmental responsibility. We create spaces that are not just beautiful, but also future-proof and harmonious with their surroundings.


We take the time to understand what is important to you as our client, we believe in your dream and will help make it happen. Shape ensure clients are kept up to date during the design and build process, with regular check ins and photos – you are right there with us the whole way, even if you live outside of Christchurch.


By prefabricating our homes in our Christchurch base, we are able to have complete oversight of the building process, ensuring the highest quality. While our experienced team performs the bulk of the manufacture, all processes being undertaken by Contractors within our base are held to the highest of standards.